Area Eventer Challenge Qualifier

Incorporating B.R.C. Area 18

Festival of the Horse Challenge Qualifier 2019

Run under B.R.C. Rules 2018

Date: Sunday 7th October

Venue: Sapey Cross Country, Upper Sapey,  Wolferlow, Bromyard, HR7 4QA

Times will be uploaded to the website and avalible to view from 7pm Friday 5th October 2018

The Course will be available to walk from 2 p.m. Saturday 6th October 2018


All vehicles must adhere to the one-way system, approach from the Bromyard to Stourport Road, B4203. Exit right on leaving the site.



Show jumping- time allowed based on 325mpm

Cross-country – optimum time based on

435 mpm (Challenge 80)

450mpm (Challenge 90)

475 mpm (Challenge 100)

BRC Qualifiers: Preliminary Entry Forms to be received by the BRC Office by Fri 14th Sept 2018

BRC Area 18: entries on official BRC form to be received by Wed 26th Sept 2018

Open Entries (on the form with the schedule only please): to be received by Wed 26th Sept

Entries Secretary – For BRC Area 18 and all Open Classes, Kate Griffith, 39 Waresley Court Road, Hartlebury, Kidderminster, DY11 7TH

Event Organiser – Linda Anderson, 07795 361405


To download the full schedule please below;

BBC EC schedule


Health, Safety and Welfare. “The Organisers have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the

Health & Safety of everyone present. For these to be effective, everyone must take all

reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents and must obey the instructions of the

Organisers and all the Officials and Stewards”

Legal Liability: ”Save for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the organisers or

anyone for whom in law they are responsible, neither the organisers for the event to which

these rules apply nor the British Horse Society, nor any agent, employee or representatives of

these bodies, accept any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses,

owners, riders, spectators, land, cars or their contents and accessories, or any person or

property whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or in any way


  1. Emergencies: emergency services must have access to all parts of the event site at all

times and members of the public must not park vehicles so as to obstruct access. First Aid

points are clearly marked. In case of an emergency, members of the public should contact

the nearest official or dial 999 on the nearest telephone.

  1. Horses can be easily frightened and can be dangerous. Members of the public are

requested to keep clear from horse areas/lanes and to avoid any behaviour which might

alarm horses.

  1. Dogs must be kept under close control and on a lead at ALL times. Please clean up behind

your dog and take your bags home. Bins are NOT provided.

  1. INSURANCE: please ensure that you have adequate/appropriate insurance for

rider, horse, property and third party.

  1. Hard hats to the standards in BRC 2018 rulebook must be worn at all times while mounted.

BRC competitors must have an aqua coloured tag. Body protectors to BETA 3 (purple label)

2009 or later and medical armbands (worn on the arm) are compulsory.

  1. STOP WATCHES, HEAD CAMS or other recording devices are NOT allowed.
  2. The Judges’ decision and that of the Official Stewards (BRC Area Qualifiers) is final.
  3. The Organisers reserve the right to alter or amend the schedule, if necessary.
  4. Any objections or protests must be handed into the Show Secretary in writing within 15

minutes of the incident together with a £20 deposit (which will be forfeited if the objection is

not upheld).

Objections regarding Area Qualifiers classes need to be made in accordance with BRC

rules to the identified Official Steward(s).

  1. All classes run under B.R.C. Rules 2018 – it is the Competitors’ responsibility to ensure

that they are familiar with these rules as regards tack, turnout, eligibility (for Qualifier classes)

and how the competition is run.

  1. XC colours to be worn. Correct riding attire must be worn at all times when mounted

and for the dismounted prize-giving. A vet will be available all day. A farrier may be on call.

It is the responsibility of the individual whose horse is being treated to settle all fees.

  1. Competitors in difficulty should give way to overtaking horses.
  2. Competitors eliminated on the cross-country course must leave the course at a walk and

must not jump any fences after retiring/elimination. Competitors must adhere to instructions

given by the fence judge.

The Committee reserves the right to ask anybody to leave the show ground, with no

compensation, for any abuse (verbal or physical) of horses/ponies, other riders,

officials or members of the public