Word from the chair………

It is fair to say that the last few years have been turbulent !  Not only have we had to contend with the 2019 Equine Flu outbreak, where everything equine ground to a halt, but hot on it’s heels, 2020 and 2021 were hampered by the Covid Pandemic.  Throughout all of that however, Bewdley Bridle Club kept its’ spirits high.  The Committee worked hard to keep everyone involved, moral high and where ever possible, technology became our best friend with on line lectures, meetings and general interaction.   

There is increasing choice for all equestrians.  Our favourite instructors are becoming more and more popular and booking venues are becoming harder as they chose to run their own clinics.  Training of all sorts is run almost every day and It feels like every weekend there is a competition to attend, let alone the fun rides that keep popping up !! 

However – the Bridle Club is still here and I am very proud of that.  It is a lovely club to be a member of and in spite all of the challenges that are thrown at us, we are all still enjoying our horses!.

2021 was the club’s 65th birthday.  Let’s hope it is still here for another 65 years 


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